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Problems and Solutions

npm run hot hangs, or other crazy things happen

This is usually caused by having two copies of a package, such as a Webpack loader, in different places in your application. For example, you might have MyApp/node_modules/sass-loader and also MyApp/node_modules/terriajs/node_modules/sass_loader.

This happens all the time if you use npm link, so don't use npm link. It is flawed model that interferes with npm's ability to de-duplicate modules, leading to problems like this and many others. Instead, use npmgitdev. Instructions for installing and using npmgitdev are on the Development Environment page.

It may also happen if there are version conflicts between packages, or if npm's deduplication has decided to take the day off for unknown reasons. When in doubt, run rm -rf node_modules/terriajs/node_modules && npmgitdev install from your application directory.