leylines-geodesy 0.1.0


Lint Code Base

leylines-geodesy.js <command>

  leylines-geodesy.js points        calculations with all points
  leylines-geodesy.js fiboncci      calculations of grid with fibonacci
  leylines-geodesy.js grid          calculation of a grid
  leylines-geodesy.js beckerhagens  calculate beckerhagens
  leylines-geodesy.js cube          calculate cube
  leylines-geodesy.js dodecahedron  calculate dodecahedron
  leylines-geodesy.js icosahedron   calculate icosahedron
  leylines-geodesy.js octahedron    calculate octahedron
  leylines-geodesy.js tetrahedron   calculate tetrahedron
  leylines-geodesy.js greatcircles  calculate big circles
  leylines-geodesy.js circle        calculate circle of 3 points

  --version                   Version anzeigen                         [boolean]
  --startpoint, --sp          startpoint of calculation           [erforderlich]
  --destinationpoint, --dp    destinationpoint of calculation
  --bearing, -b               bearing
  --distanceconditions, --dc  show grids depending on distance to camera
                                                     [boolean] [Standard: false]
  --help, -h                  Hilfe anzeigen                           [boolean]